OK now it seems like I have finally settled with going for Wami Rack as my new soundcard However I still have a couple of things to clear up. Does anyone use it for HD-recording in Cubase or Logic? What are your experiences regarding performance, timing etc? Also, VST instruments used in conjunction with MIDI + Audio tracks, can I still expect low latency (around 10 ms) when working with that?
Another thing.. if I plan on using it for Gigastudio, instead of HD recording and then using my Gina20 for HD recording, do you know if Wami Rack can output the same sound through SPDIF AND an analogue output? I know Gina can\'t:/. Since I am adding reverb through my mixerboard it would be nice to be able to record the dry signal via SPDIF and then the reverb via my mixer, analogue, at the same time.

Last question: At Egosys\' page I read that \'Yes, Wami Rack is fully compatible with AMD CPU family\'. Fine I think... But on the other hand it also says that VIA chipset can cause problems. What the.... I guess about 90% of all AMD systems are VIA based so why on earth isn\'t this fixed. Anyone using Wami Rack with an Athlon system using the KT133 or KT133a chipset?

Thanks in advance,