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Topic: Backbeat (& other SAGE)-kit mode?

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    Backbeat (& other SAGE)-kit mode?

    Does Backbeat have a kit mode, like the RMX core library does, where you can use the kits as a sound module to play back a midi track?

    How about the other expanders?

    I can't put my own one shots in there, can I?

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    Re: Backbeat (& other SAGE)-kit mode?

    it doesn't, and as far as I know, none of the Xpanders do.
    obviously you can trigger the samples within the loop individually
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    Re: Backbeat (& other SAGE)-kit mode?


    RMX does not allow kit mode with any of the expanders,..., bummer

    I saw your other post, you are describing BackBeat, but without a "kit mode"

    It would not work for you,
    I have them all LSD,BFD,DFH C&V, add on, RDK, RMX & All the sage expanders.

    But I understand that EZ drummer is more processed right out of the box. So it sounds like that might be for one you?

    good luck, have fun

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