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Topic: Firewire - Audio cards ??

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    Firewire - Audio cards ??

    I haven\'t purchased GigaStudio yet but:

    I\'ve read here about PCI v Serial v USB Audio cards.
    I really want an interface which I can move between multiple machines. I have a Sony VAIO Notebook(128Mb/600mhz) which has ONLY USB and Firewire supplemented with an external Firewire Western Digital 30Gb drive.

    I also have a 256Mb/800mhz Athlon Desktop also with firewire.

    Since USB seems to be unacceptable are there any FireWire Audio cards anybody knows about.
    Would firewire be a similar problem to USB ?

    Will I be able to work OK with these machines.

    It would be nice to know the minimum specs of a \'really usable/professional\' system versus the software box specs.

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    Re: Firewire - Audio cards ??

    I forgot to mention. I use Windows 2000 on both machines which probably means SOL for now !

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    Re: Firewire - Audio cards ??

    Hey Bruce,

    Don\'t know much about Firewire card, but I do know that there are no Nemesys drivers for Win 2000 yet....

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    Re: Firewire - Audio cards ??

    Hi Bruce,

    I\'ve seen that a few companies will be releasing firewire sound cards MOTU, Yamaha and a few others. Check out http://namm.harmony-central.com/WNAMM01/Content/MOTU/PR/828.html
    In theory Firewire should be fast enough.

    I had trouble using a Firewire hard drive. I was getting drop outs while using Cakewalk playing a 12 audio track project. I would also get pops while using Gigastudio. What I found was the the external Firewire box was not fast enough.

    The drive inside the box was certainly capable. While in the box I was getting a throughput of about 5000kbs. Pulling the drive out and connecting it directly to an EIDE port gave me about 10000kbs. Twice as fast. That was ok but I knew the drive could do better so I bought an ATA 100 card now I\'m getting a sustained thru put of about 34megs a second!!!

    Here\'s what a friend sent me:

    Unedited text from MacFixIt:
    \"Granite Digital FireWire bridge (mentioned yesterday): \"As of Macworld
    Expo, Granite Digital was the only vendor using the new Oxford
    semiconductor chip set that functions at 40MBs. So it\'s likely that most, if not all,
    other current FireWire cases do not yet use this. However, they offer a bridge
    board only, so you can retrofit an existing enclosure. \"

    I suspect you will need this upgrade to get your external Firewire drive fast enough.

    Hope that helps,
    Marc S.

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    Re: Firewire - Audio cards ??

    Thanks for the responses. I don\'t need GigaStudio just yet. I think I\'ll wait a little while and see if firstly, Windows 2000 is supported by GigaStudio, and secondly, what happens on the FireWire front.

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