OK those three soundcards are what I have boiled my options down to. How I see it is, that Hammerfall Digi9652 is excellent for recording/mixing in Cubase and possibly Logic Audio, but not so good for Gigastudio? I currently have a Gina20 for Gigastudio, so maybe I should get the Hammerfall and an analogue in+out expansion, since I have my analogue Mackie mixer which I run things through to add reverb etc., and then use the Hammerfall for recording the SPDIF output from Gina as well as the reverb from my mixer - does that make sense? If Hammerfall is really that cool for Cubase/Logic work, maybe it would be a good investment.
The WamiRack seems great for Gigastudio - and especially with the capability to record directly into Cubase. And the Yamaha card with AX44 or AX1010 could be a solution too. It just seems no matter WHAT I do I\'ll have to record something analogue, and I really want to go all digital in the future. But I guess the Hammerfall is good for that future plan then since it has ADAT etc????!?! Damn I am confused as to what I should do. This post doesn\'t seem to make a lot of sense.
Really what I want to do is run Gigastudio on one machine and Cubase on another, and then be able to record everything digitally, including my verb. My verbs HAVE digital outs, but I don\'t suppose I can record two or three SPDIFs at one on the Hammerfall. So I am in trouble.. hmmmm. With the WamiRack I\'d be encouraged to run Cubase and GS on the same machine, which would detract from my overall performance, as well as giving me a more troublesome work-situation AND leave my 2nd computer unused.... so I don\'t know about that.
Anyone who has some good info on where the musicworld on PC is going and then why I should move in THIS direction and not in THAT etc? What about that new audio+midi (MLAN) standard, is that coming along at all?

Oh well I\'ll be leaving now. It\'s late and I don\'t know what I should do. I am a bit tempted by the Hammerfall though