I have A Guillemot ISIS card on Windows ME machine with 933mhz. and 256 RAM. I want to use GIGA SAMPLER LE and trigger midi with a Roland GR33 guitar synth, and output the audio via SPDIF into Pro Tools in real time. I saw a bulletin stating the Guillemot cards were problematic with Gigasampler. Can anyone form the company or otherwise tell me if in fact this will be problematic. If so, Any recommendations on cards that will work as all around general sound cards for multiple uses in Windows i.e. CD, WEB, games, etc. as well as be able to use as a dedicated 44.1 sound card for more serious applications. I\'d rather stick with Guillemot as it works quite well, and I just bought it. I\'d appreciate your help. Please fell free to email me directly if you have some knowledge on this. Thanks. Jon Pousette-Dart