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Topic: What about comments on ANY Delta Cards?

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    What about comments on ANY Delta Cards?

    Hello all,

    I thank all of you who have responded to the \'audiophile\' comments I posted. I have also been looking at the other line of M Audio cards that midiman offers, and I was wondering what anyone has to say as far as their experiences with any of the Delta Series Sound cards. I have read some of the postings regardings and the opinions seem to be mixed. Some say the 1010 is excellent, while others mention the ability of the 44 and the 66 for multi-client, as well as \'Possible\' latency issues as opossed to the 1010 model? Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated! : ) Chadwick if you read this.. please comment. I just can\'t wait to get a GSIF card already.. hehe..


    [ Joscci ]

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    Re: What about comments on ANY Delta Cards?

    I\'ve got a Delta 1010, witch I might say sounds brilliant!
    But the problem with the combination VST/Gigasampler has been up in this forum before. It seems like it\'s impossible to choose the Midiman ASIO driver in VST when you\'ve got the Delta GSIF driver in Gigasampler.
    I\'ve been in contact with the support at Midiman, and they tell me that this is because the drivers, (not the card), isn\'t multiclient yet. They will however release a driver that\'s multiclient shortly so that this problem dissapears. When they do, I\'ll only have nice things to say about the Delta 1010!


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    Re: What about comments on ANY Delta Cards?

    I don\'t know about VST but I use Cakewalk 9.03 and the Delta 1010 has ALWAYS been multiclient from the day I bought it. This is the best card that I have ever had. Quiet as a rat pissing on cotton. Peace.

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    Re: What about comments on ANY Delta Cards?

    Yes, the card is multclient, but the drivers not. That is, you cant tun two ASIO drivers pralell. Ok, in this case one is a GSIF, but I suppose GSIF is a form of ASIO.


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    Re: What about comments on ANY Delta Cards?

    I currently run a Motu 2408 interface..
    It works great with logic or giga..
    Anyone able to get them to work on one machine..
    With the 324 interface(pci for 2408) I am able to plug in up to 3 Motu interfaces..
    I wonder if I dedicated 1 for giga and 1 for logic that I could work..
    I didn\'t have the gifix available when I was trouble shooting..
    This all takes sooo much time..

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