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Topic: New soundcard, which? again again.

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    New soundcard, which? again again.

    Finally, I am almost to buy a new soundcard for my system. I currently have the Gina20 running Gigastudio on a dedicated machine, and my plan is to use the Gina for recording on my other machine, and get a new soundcard for Gigastudio use. So what should I buy? I want a card that can give me loads of polyphony without clicks and pops on either my P3 700 or Athlon 1000. Of course the soundquality has to be good too. The card I\'ve been eyeing for the system is the Wami Rack 24 but I heard about some problems with that and Gigastudio? And, I must stress it again, I need HIGH poly without breakups!! I have fast HD\'s etc etc. BUT might need to upgrade my motherboard from the ABIT VA6 to something like the ASUS CUS4L (or whatever the name is), Intel I815 or a newer VIA chipset, because I know my RAM bandwidth is about 1/3 of that on my new Athlon 1000 system!

    Any other soundcards in the same price league as the Wami Rack 24 I should consider?


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    Re: New soundcard, which? again again.

    The RME cards seems to be well engineered, and the guys seem to be VERY aware of GSIF issues.

    The latest Steinberg badged Nuendo card looks a lot like an RME product.

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    Re: New soundcard, which? again again.

    Simon I have a Wamibox24 and Gigastudio96 on an Athlon 900 based system. The mobo is via KT133 based and I have 512Mb of ram. My HD is a 45Gb IBM 75GXP and the disk IO is ATA100. I achieve 96 note polyphony without any problems at all.I am sorry that I cannot tell you what happens above 96 notes but this is sufficient for my needs. I am able to use plenty of plugins (not that I do as I have \"proper\" outboard) but it illustrates the fact that the processor is not being overtaxed.

    I think that the wamirack24 is excellent value for money.My VST PC runs 16 TDIF digital outputs from a SOundscape mixtreme card.This only sounds slightly better so the Wamirack converters are pretty good IMHO.


    Conrad Farlow

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    Re: New soundcard, which? again again.

    \"The latest Steinberg badged Nuendo card looks a lot like an RME product.\"
    It IS an RME product. An (older) hammerfall.


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    Re: New soundcard, which? again again.

    I\'m using the M-Audio Delta 66, and Gigastudio is reporting the full 160 voices of polyphony. It has excellent fidelity too.

    FWIW, I am using a 933MHz PIII Coppermine processor with a 7200RPM UDMA100 disk, and
    PC133 memory.


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    Re: New soundcard, which? again again.

    Greg.... how many outputs are you getting from within your GigaStudio160 in conjunction with your Delta 66? I\'m considering getting the Delta 66 as well to be able to use more NFX\'s, since my SoundBlasterLIve, only gives me one set of outputs?

    [ Joscci ]

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    Re: New soundcard, which? again again.

    The Delta 66 has 6 outputs (3 pairs), as you probably know - four analog, and two digital. I have only used it with two outputs so far - I have no need for multiple outputs. However, I have tried a little trick that allows me to use Cakewalk on the same PC as Gigastudio. What I do is loop the S/PDIF output back to the input, and configure Gigastudio to use the S/PDIF output. One of the analog output pairs is configured to be the Mixer output (as opposed to the raw Wave Out), and Cakewalk is configured to use Wave Out 1/2, and is configured to use the S/PDIF input for recording. This way, I am able to a) hear Cakewalk audio tracks and live Gigastudio together, and at the same time, record Gigastudio *directly* into Cakewalk. It\'s been many months since I\'ve used this, but when I tried it, it worked very well indeed.


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    Re: New soundcard, which? again again.

    Thanks for your comments, Greg.

    Peace out.

    [ Joscci ]

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    Re: New soundcard, which? again again.

    I just ordered an RME Hammerfall Light after a similar question I posed on the Reaktor list gave a resounding recommendation for this card.

    I\'ll let you know how it works out when I receive it next week along with my Alesis AI3.

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