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Topic: Frontier WaveCenter PCI anyone?

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    Frontier WaveCenter PCI anyone?

    Hi all.

    Is anyone using the Frontier WaveCenter PCI in their Giga machines? I\'m getting ready to do the dedicated Giga machine thing, and would love to use this card, as their drivers and support are reputed to be really good. And if not this card, what ADAT GSIF card CAN you recommend?


    Ed Lima

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    Re: Frontier WaveCenter PCI anyone?

    I hear ya..
    I can\'t decide either the wavecenter pci
    or the Hammerfall one from RME
    One has midi built in, one has more adat I/O and wordclock...
    I many go with the Hammerfall as it is a newer unit... It has win2k drivers.. Blah Blah..
    But that\'s me...

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    Re: Frontier WaveCenter PCI anyone?

    I have been very pleased with the WaveCenter PCI. It\'s a very solid card and it just works - without conflicts, CPU eating drivers or otherwise. It has onboard 2x2 MIDI as well, and has worked flawlessly when I have used it with a soft synth or soft sampler like Reaktor, Unity or Giga.


    Sonic Control
    Giga Users Network at

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    Re: Frontier WaveCenter PCI anyone?

    Thanks for the recommendation Ryan. I\'ve heard plenty of great things about Frontier\'s line of products. I guess this is the way to go.

    Ed Lima

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