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Topic: Has K2 Player been released??

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    Has K2 Player been released??

    According to this post:

    their first product A.I.R, will be out on august 7th, and it's powered by NI K2 player. So, I suppose it means the K2 player is out for developers to power their libraries... or are they announcing it without having it finished?

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    Re: Has K2 Player been released??

    I've heard that library developpers have the k2-player already, but it seems that they are fighting with various bugs. so it still might take some time until they release optimized k2-versions of their libraries.

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    Re: Has K2 Player been released??

    Mmmm, I hope these bugs are fixed soon, so we all can enjoy the libraries that are coming in that format

    Thanks for the info Gigalove.

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