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Topic: VI sample rate conversion?

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    VI sample rate conversion?

    I was just wondering how virtual instruments handle sample rate conversion. I know that most sampled virtual instruments are recorded at 44.1. If you're working in a session at say, 48k does the conversion happen at the VI level or in your sequencer? Are there artifacts? Color changes?

    Most of my experience dealing with mixing live audio tracks, I definitely prefer working at 48k and since most of my delivery is for film and TV, my end product is going be 48k at least upon delivery. But for some of my new projects where I will be working primarily with virtual instruments that were originally sampled at 44.1, I wonder if there is really any advantage or even if it is a disadvantage because of the need at some level for the sounds to be resampled. Is working at 48k in a world of virtual instruments just unneccessary CPU drain?

    Thanks for any insight!!

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    Re: VI sample rate conversion?

    After giving this topic much thought, here's what I've come up with.

    Two computers, both with Kontakt 2. One runs ProTools at 48k, the other runs Logic at 44.1. I do drums and percussion on the ProTools system at 48; strings, winds and brass are in Logic at 44.1. The Logic computer has a firewire interface that I patch analogue out to my Digidesign 192 analogue in.

    All quicktime and recorded audio go on the ProTools system. Thls also gives me a score window in Logic for the parts where it makes a difference. Logic chases ProTools through MTC. I can really hear the Logic on-the-fly conversion with strings, so this avoids it.

    Maybe not the best solution, but sounds good and is powerful. I often forget which keyboard spacebar to press. Trading tempos back and forth can be a pain.


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