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Topic: Does anyone use a Mac Mini?

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    Does anyone use a Mac Mini?

    Does anyone actually use a Mac Mini for music? It's cute, but is it actually a viable platform for GPO or Finale or Sibelius or any number of music programs?

    What can it handle? Can it keep up?

    Has anyone used the new dual intel Mac Mini? How does it stack up?

    Ron Williams
    Westminster, CO
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    Re: Does anyone use a Mac Mini?


    Quote Originally Posted by ChoralBoss
    Does anyone actually use a Mac Mini for music? It's cute, but is it actually a viable platform for GPO or Finale or Sibelius or any number of music programs?
    I planed to use it for music, but I switched back to my Windows PC. My main point is the speed. I have a 1.42 Ghz Processor with 1 GB Ram but it is really slow compared to my other systems. I even erased the "small" Finale GPO version for problems with the playback. You really have to wait until somehing is happening.

    We use it in the moment only for the Internet and mail etc. It is much more safer, but when we lookup a complex homepage starting parallel on the windows (2.7 Mhz) and Mini-Mac system even my wife is complaining, that she has to wait too long.

    Beside that I really dont like the implementation of Finale on the Mac. It offers compared to the Windows version much more problems with the representation of the score on the screen.

    Beside that it is really a cute system which doesnt take much space and has a stable OS.

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    Re: Does anyone use a Mac Mini?

    I have a one-year-old Mac mini G4 with 1GB RAM, and it's useful but not high-powered.

    HOWEVER the current model of Mac mini is completely different. It's an Intel Core Duo system, which is supposed to provide 4x to 5x as much computing power as the model which I own.

    The catch is that the Garritan products are not currently Mac Intel-native, which means they will run quite slowly on the new Mac Intel systems.

    As soon as Garritan and Native Instruments Kontakt come out with Mac Intel optimized versions of their programs (Real Soon Now), the Mac mini Core Duo should be a real screamer. And in the meantime, you can configure one of the new Intel Mac minis to boot into Windows XP, or use Parallels to run Mac OS X and Windows XP simultaneously side-by-side.

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    Re: Does anyone use a Mac Mini?

    I just bought a core duo mac mini with 2GB of ram. it's very fast, for normal functions (browsing, recording, etc) it is quite comparable to the dual G5 I use at work.

    sibelius running through rosetta is very fast, definitely much quicker than on my old 667mhz G4 powerbook. once they release a universal binary I am sure it will be even faster.

    I am also running windows XP via paralells. this is usable and worlds better than the old virtual pc, but certain things (like graphics) are a little sluggish. it is great if their are a few apps you need to use, but I wouldn't really want to be running sibelius+gpo on XP via paralells.

    all in all, I highly recommend the new mac minis, my experience has been really great so far. can't wait for GPO and JABB to come out in a universal binary!!!

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