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Topic: RME GSIF for Laptop

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    RME GSIF for Laptop

    Take a look at the new Hammerfall PCMCIA card for Laptops. It uses the same drivers as the Hammerfall cards and hence supports multi-client and GSIF.

    If anyone gets one of these (released later this year) I\'d be very interested in hearing your feedback. An expensive option perhaps, but if it makes composing on a Laptop a reality then that\'s a major breakthrough!...

    fingers crossed


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    Re: RME GSIF for Laptop

    For the moment you will need faster HDs then the 5400 rpm ones found in laptops. A (second) pccard running external scsi hds might be a answer....till they implement speedstep HDs just like with the Intel processors. Meaning that when you are wall socket connected you can get 7200 rpm. On batteries the thing slows down to 4500 or 5400 rpm.

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