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Topic: Aarvark 24/96 click click pops...

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    Aarvark 24/96 click click pops...

    Hello Guys!

    I need your help because Im\'not able to fix my clicks and pops problem.

    This is my configuration:

    Athlon 1 Ghz with 196 meg.
    2 hard disks:
    1 with partitions like Doug Bircher and the second for Gigs (30 gigs Maxtor 7200).

    Gigastudio160 2.01.36
    Cakewalk pro audio 9.03
    Aardvark driver version: 5.12
    Aardvark DSP driver: 5.11

    I frequently have clicks and pops with any instruments but I don\'t know if it\'s a streaming audio trouble or sound card problem. If I take an audio capture with gigastudio and listen it in media player, there are no pops and cliks but if I record audio in cakewalk, All the popyclik family is present on the wav.

    It\' seem that many people have succes with this sound card, Im\' waiting for your help!

    Thank you!!!

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    Re: Aarvark 24/96 click click pops...

    What m/b chipset do you have?

    If you have VIA KX-133, you may have to install a patch to get it to work. The patch is on the Aardvark driver CD that you probably already have, if you dont have it you should email them and ask them for it.

    According to my conversations with Aardvark, their older units need the patch to work with the KX-133 without clicks and pops.

    Their newer units do not need the patch and work fine, according to them.

    If that isnt the issue, check your buffer size.

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    Re: Aarvark 24/96 click click pops...

    Hello Eugeniel.

    I\'m not having problems with my system, but its Intel-based: PIII 850. Have you talked to Aardvark about any Athlon issues?


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    Re: Aarvark 24/96 click click pops...

    Hello A/D and Doug!

    My chipset is VIA KT-133 and I tried to install the patch for KX-133 but I always have the same problem. I send an e-mail to Ben Mullins from Aarvark about my athlon processor and he said that my mother board is not helping any, it has known PCI bus bandwidth problems.

    I don\'t know what to do because the sound card\'s working verry well with other applications like cakewalk. Do I change for Pentium III processor or stay with Athlon ?

    Thank you for your help!


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    Re: Aarvark 24/96 click click pops...

    Sorry Eugeniel, I don\'t know what to suggest. I know the Direct Pro works with my system, but I don\'t know about interactions with other processors and motherboards.


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    Re: Aarvark 24/96 click click pops...

    You might post your problem on the Cakewalk Pro Audio usergroup. There are a lot of much smarter people than I there that might be helpful.


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