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Topic: hi SECLUSION, can you HELP!!!!!!!

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    hi SECLUSION, can you HELP!!!!!!!

    Hi Brian, thanx for the last reply you sent me, it helped...dotn know if you in another position to help, i have this problem , wtill with the audio side of things...here they are:


    1. When i arm an audio track to record and have my input going into my ASIO device(lexicon core 2 studio system), i can record vocals or any type of audio into logic but my problem is that the level metering does not work...i mean i cannot monitor the input level within the audio mixer page. I must be doing somehting wrong or have not set something up because whenever i test out the demosongs within logic, it opens out and the level metering works, but whenever i get back to my file i\'m working on, it does not...do i need to set something i\'m forgeting too....i have check the reference manual back and forth but it does not mention any of this in it.

    2. Whenever i move the sliders across any open window (arrange or any of the editors)while a track is playing
    the tempo of the track slows down and also i hear noises like pops, scratches and clicks...like a dragging noise...and might i mention my system configuration (Pentium III 815E intel chipset, 512MB memory, IBM H/D with 46.1GB, 7200rpm). which i\'m nt sure might be the problem cos it handles fine when i open up the demo songs in logic, which are all audio files in comparison to my midi files.....

    i\'m under huge stress adn behind on projects, could you plese help...thanx very much in advance....

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    Re: hi SECLUSION, can you HELP!!!!!!!

    Forget the demo song..
    They always do things that most mortals can\'t do...
    So there are \'No \" metering at all??
    In a audio i think page.. Pereference or option try \"Input Moitoring\" and there is another one, enable that too..
    In the drivers page there is a Monitoring click..
    I\'m not infront of logic now so bear with me..
    Lets deal with one thing at a time..

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