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Topic: Output Problems using Multi's in Cubase SX 3

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    Smile Output Problems using Multi's in Cubase SX 3

    Hey all,

    I am having a bit of trouble using a multi in Kontakt, When I use a single instrument, everything works fine when I assign a single instrument IE to which ever midi channel I desire ect, but not when I want to use for example the Orchestral Multi' from the Kontakt Libary, I cant hear anything through the speakers, I realize this is an output issue as when I load in the demo multi from the same kontakt libary, it works fine (Typical eh!) I noticed on the demo multi's the outputs are Stereo 1, stereo two, stereo 3 ect ect, but when I load it up in mine (I use kontakt in Cubase) in stead of Stereo 1, 2 and 3 for each multi, I Get output L/R and cant hear anything!

    Brain was kind enough to offer advice about the different configs on Kontakt you can load up too, IE 8 out and 16 out, but I still cant figuire it nor can I hear any thing on the output, I can see the midi triggering like I said, and the demo multi is fine.

    My problem is I do not know how to change the outputs so that like the demo Multi's I can hear the instrument play.

    I have watched the tutorial dvd, and read the various manual section on outputs and I'm still at a loss.

    Could anyone so kind as to tell me or a fellow SX user point me in the right direction because even after google searches I'm at a loss, and it's driving me mad!.

    Many Thanks


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    Cool Re: Output Problems using Multi's in Cubase SX 3

    Hi JS:

    I tried to do the same thing on my computer to see if I can reproduce the problem you are having, but everything on my PC seems to work OK. I also use K2 with SX (Sx 2). I first loaded the Demo Multi, and like you said its does say ST1, ST2, and ST3 for the 3 outputs, and I could hear all the channels. I then loaded the Orchestra mult, String section, and like you say, it does say L/R for all the outputs, and I can hear the sound, and everything seems OK. I also tried the Brass quintet and the woodwind quintet, and everything OK here. So what you'r experiencing sounds strange.

    I can only think of the obvious for now. I am assuming you have all the latest updates for Kontakt (, Try setting all the midi channels to Omni, Make sure the samples are loading. Look under outputs, conf, and try changing things there. What does it say within the conf window, mine says L/R under the channel name, Audio channels 2, and under channel number it says 01, 02, and under physical output it says plugin output #1 ,and plugin output #2 .
    Another thing is that I am not sure what your settings are in SX. Are you using SX 1, 2 or 3.

    I know I am not offereing too much help here, but post more info and I will look into it further.


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    Re: Output Problems using Multi's in Cubase SX 3


    By the way, welcome to the formum. Don't get mad, I know its frustrating, when things don't work out the way we plan. I know how it feel, and I've been there a million times. I always use a common sense approach to problems solve, as best i know how. So this is what I would consider doing.

    sorry I am just randomly throwing out Ideas:

    Try running K2 as a stand alone and see if you still have the problem, if not, then we know its K2 interfacing with SX (may be even the sound card) - What soundcard are you using

    If pluggin into SX, Post the configulation setting in SX, under the vst channel for the K2 plugin (For example mine says Stereo out, Left, Right), also post information from VST connections output (The sound card outputs).

    Also try loading up the Multi orchestral in K2 and then go into the instrument and look in the keyboard mapping and see if you can see samples in there, and try clicking on the keys there and see if you hear anything. (Sometime samples don't exist or dont load properly and you won't hear anything)

    If I get more ideas I'll post, Its late and i've got to get some sleep now, bye


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    Re: Output Problems using Multi's in Cubase SX 3

    Hi dd.

    Thanks very much for the reply and advice, I'm going to have a look at the things you said, and see if that changes any thing, if not i'll post the other info you mentioned too, as you said it may also be a problem in sx 3, or my sound card (Maudio delta 10/10 lt).

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