Hello. I have just installed GigaStudio 1.60 and am having sound problems, or rather, no sound at all. I had been running Gigasampler sucessfully previously, so I\'m a little confused as to why I\'m now experiencing this. My soundcard is an SB Live Platinum. My system specs: 450 mhz/Pentium II/128 mb ram.

I\'ve checked all of my levels withinn the mixer, dsp, and port windows. Gigastudio shows that I\'m receiving MIDI data via my controller (I\'ve also tried the virtual keyboard within Gigastudio), and the meters are showing that sound is registering, yet I\'m not getting anything from my monitors or headphones. I thought I must\'ve overlooked something very simple, but I opened up Reaktor Soft Synth & then Retro AS-1 and they are receiving midi and producing sound. The midi port in Gigastudio is set correctly as is the Wave Out setting (SB Live wave out/44.1/16 bit.

I hope I\'ve given enough information for some assistance. Thank you for your time.