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Topic: Christmas already?!?

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    Christmas already?!?

    Summers, for the last 13 years, have been when I'm concerned with Christmas music. This summer Martha and I, along with our friend Sarah Stone, are recording a new CD including 4 original Christmas songs along with my arrangements of 10 traditional songs (maybe more if we can afford it). We just had our 3rd recording session yesterday. Things are going well and I'll be posting some previews on my site soon.

    So anyway, I was wondering if there's still interest in another Christmas CD from the GPO community? If there is, I want to grab "Silent Night" this year. I've been working on a version for violin and orchestra, and I plan to mock it up with the Garritan Stradivarius. I might also do a couple more if there's time.

    So is there any interest? Or are we all sick of the whole idea yet?
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    ...and after working on the most Italian Christmas carrol last year, I would like to let you listen to my "Deck the Hall", so popular in USA, but well known even in Italy after thousand of American movies, arrangements, recordings...a very happy and nice melody.

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    Wink Re: Christmas already?!?

    How I wish it was winter.... we have 33 degrees C here

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    Re: Christmas already?!?

    I wasn't around here last year, but I hope the tradition continues. If I was going to try to do Christmas music in July, I would go to the garden center and get something cone bearing or a nice aromatic blue juniper and bring it in. Put lights on it with some of those shiny balls, garland and some of those silvery icicles. Then I would put a large goose or a turkey in the oven with stuffing, and turn the A.C on max.


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