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Topic: Audiophile with Giga + Cake

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    Audiophile with Giga + Cake


    Please can anyone tell me if you can use Giga + Cake together through the analogue outputs of a M-Audio Audiophile card.

    How does it perform?


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    Re: Audiophile with Giga + Cake


    This is great - reply to my own question!!!

    FYI Giga + Cake sound awesome on an Audiophile. Got mine yesterday and have Cake + Giga playing togther with Cake recording some rocking guitar at the same time.

    No installation problems, no crashes (could be coincidence but no GINA20 anymore either), no conflicts, just a whole evening of making music for a change.

    The Audiophile sounds much crisper than GINA20 - better highs and more defined middle.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Audiophile with Giga + Cake


    I\'ve been interested in upgrading my Sound Blaster Live! Value card to the Audiophile card. But, I do want to use a card that can also, yes, play games. Outside of Cakewalk and GigaStudio, have you been able to do this?


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    Re: Audiophile with Giga + Cake

    Hi Ron

    Sorry I can\'t answer that - my machine is purely for Cake + Giga.

    Can\'t see why not though - just select the Audiophile as the preferred audio card in Windows and your games should belt out.


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    Re: Audiophile with Giga + Cake

    Does the audiophile have onboard sounds to support the games side of things?

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    Re: Audiophile with Giga + Cake

    I don\'t think the audiophile has a general-midi sound set onboard, so it won\'t be good for any games that need to play MIDI music. But most games today do almost entirely CD-audio which it should handle fine.

    But your SB Live Value is probably better in the games department.

    [This message has been edited by Jamieh (edited 02-21-2001).]

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