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Topic: Seeking Graphic Artist/Designer at Team Garritan

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    Seeking Graphic Artist/Designer at Team Garritan

    We are seeking a Graphic Artist and Designer. The ideal candidate must be very creative and imaginative, dependable, proficient in Flash, 3d MAX, Java & Ajax, and GUI design. Work will include Web design, product design, brochures, banner ads, database design, multimedia tutorials, 3D animation, Flash projects, etc.

    There are many projects and preference will be given to those who can work very quickly.

    We're looking for a Mozart of Graphic Artists.

    SEND RESUME TO gary(at)garritan.com

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    Smile Re: Seeking Graphic Artist/Designer at Team Garritan

    Mr. Gary!!!

    I know someone who may be your "Mozart Graphic Artist"!! Actually, I know of a couple of people, so I'll share two choices for you.

    First is a gentleman by the name of Logan S. Kline. He primarily promotes himself as a children's illustrator. But this guy has artistic chops BIG TIME and I'm sure can provide you top-notch graphics. Here's his web-site. Please take the time to check it out. If all you do is just visit his web site, I will be happy. He's really very, very good. I would say that he's on the caliber of the great illustrator, Norman Rockwell.


    Another choice would be my old music college friend Glenn Grant. We were once college room mates and both graduated from Berklee together in 1982. Besides being a great musician (bass player), he's also another top-notch graphic illustrator. He's been in the graphic illustrating business for quite some time and I am sure would also meet up to your high standards. Here's Glenn's web site: http://www.glenngrant.com

    It's my understanding that the world of graphic illustration is quite competitive. Just like music, I guess. Even if you don't use these two people, please consider them for future projects or maybe offer their services to other businesses seeking graphic illustrators. Both are good people. Both are extremely talented. Both are well worth your consideration.

    Good luck with your search, Mr. Gary!

    Warmest regards,

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Seeking Graphic Artist/Designer at Team Garritan


    Thanks for the recommendations. Good candidates and very nice work.
    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Seeking Graphic Artist/Designer at Team Garritan


    Not sure this guy is exactly what you're looking for, but he's an excellent web designer and very very good with flash animation etc.

    His name is Scott Wright. Just google his name, or he has a portfolio website here:

    He's based in the UK. I don't know him personally - I came across some of his website work a year or so ago. Even if he's not what you're looking for, I guess it's a good thing for you to know he exists.
    Jon Raybould

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