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Topic: Hammerfall Problems

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    Hammerfall Problems

    I\'m having no success with the Hammerfall and Gigastudio160. Constant clicks and pops all the time.
    If I swap it with a Wavecenter PCI, everything is fine and dandy.


    Thunderbird 1.1 ghz
    Asus A7V mobo
    768 MB ram
    (2) 60 gig IBM 7200 rpm drives
    Matrox G450 32meg Dual head AGP
    USB disabled

    Hammerfall works perfectly with Acid, Wavelab, Cakewalk, B4, and Nuendo on the same system... just Giga is the problem.


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    Re: Hammerfall Problems

    I have exacely the same problem. I think it has something to do with the settings of both. The soundcard and the Gigastudio.



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    Re: Hammerfall Problems

    I found the solution for the problem. If you have a older version of the Hammerfall Soundcard you have to make a EPROM Update. That means that you have to change the EPROM-chip on the soundcard.More information you can find on the website of RME: www.rme-audio.com

    greetings HPCRAZY

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    Re: Hammerfall Problems

    Do you agree?

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    Re: Hammerfall Problems

    Well, I can\'t officially agree until I get a replacement chip and test it....

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    Re: Hammerfall Problems


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