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Topic: SBLive Latency?

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    SBLive Latency?

    I\'m wondering what type of latency people are getting with the sblive. Do you get INSTANT response? How about with high polyphony? It seems that people using sblive get no pops or clicks. What\'s the downside of a sblive?



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    Re: SBLive Latency?

    I had very good results with the SB Live but it has a poor Signal to Noise ratio causing hiss in my recordings. I did not notice any latency issues. The other drawback of the board is the one pair of audio outs.

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    Re: SBLive Latency?

    I have good response using my SB Live! Value card. I also had a Echo Darla24 sound card installed, and latency feels about the same on both.


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    Re: SBLive Latency?

    Would you say that the latency is completely not noticible?

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    Re: SBLive Latency?

    I\'m still kinda new at samplers - GS160 being my first sampler ever. But, to compare the latency between the Darla24 and the SBLive Value card on my Compaq PIII/800 system, I noticed no noticable change in the latency.

    I\'m used to playing with hardware sound modules where latency is not noticed at all. To compare my experiences with GS160 and hardware sound modules, I\'d say there is a slight difference in the response. But, the response, in my opinion, is very, very little and completely usable.


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