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Topic: help on setup

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    help on setup

    hello folks....I need your advice on a soundcard..

    the system I am about to get is:
    abit bx133 motherboard
    intel PIII 933
    256 ram
    2 western digital ATA/100 hardrives
    cakewalk pro audio
    cool edit pro
    gigastudio 96
    all of this is running on windows 98/se

    what I do mostly is just record into my computer with my external yamaha synth...utilizing both the synth\'s own sounds and midi sounds onboard the computer via giga or something like that. I don\'t do any singing...so I won\'t be using mics and I don\'t use guitars....only my pc and my yamaha synth....so I don\'t need a lot of I/O\'s but I don\'t own any outboard mixers or anything....and I want a good multiclient card for $700.00 or less that will allow me to use giga and cakewalk together. thanks

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    Re: help on setup

    The m-audio audiophile 2496 looks like it would work for my setup what do y\'all think.

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    Re: help on setup

    Aardvark Direct 24/96: US$499 www.aardvark-pro.com

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    Re: help on setup

    Have a very close look at the Soundscape Mixtreme card. If it wasn\'t for some iffy local support, I would have bought one of those instead of the Pulsar.

    I believe the guys at Nemesys are VERY familiar with them, which has got to be a plus.

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