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Topic: Delta 66 Yiiiiiiiiiiiiikes!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Delta 66 Yiiiiiiiiiiiiikes!!!!!!!!

    You should read the thread bellow called “Cubase5+delta1010”.

    The SBLive leaves you with unrealistic exceptions about multi-clienthood. Having a pair of outputs share audio streams from different application is, unfortunately, not the norm.

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    Delta 66 Yiiiiiiiiiiiiikes!!!!!!!!

    someone amuse me, please lie to me and tell me ANYONE is getting the combination of Gigastudio and Cubase to work using just Delta 66.

    I would have never bought the 66 if I had known it is not truly multiclient yet. I mean come on, my old Soundblaster Live card in many ways (expect most importantly sound) blows this away so far.

    I assumed when I bought the 66 it would do just what the Guitar Center salesman told me.
    Stupid on my part I suppose.

    Does anyone have any input as to whether the Delta 66 is worth keeping or not?

    I am wishing I had spent the extra money for a higher end card.

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    Re: Delta 66 Yiiiiiiiiiiiiikes!!!!!!!!

    I would keep the Delta66, great card. The problem seems to lie with Cubase, and it\'s unwillingness to share. Check out this reply I received from the tech at Steinberg:

    \"Good Day:

    Yeah some manufactures do not program their asio drivers for multiple
    clients (applications). The Asio protocol does support multiple applications
    but it is up to manufacture to the design their driver to do such. For
    example I have the identical problem with my studio and the DSP factory.

    I don\'t recommend using any other application inside the same computer with
    Cubase. If you think of the power of a program like Gigasampler and the
    amount of money it saves you, it\'s worth building a separate computer just
    for Gigasampler.\"

    Yeah sure, I\'ll just go out and drop a few more grand on another pc. Makes Gigasampler REAL cost effective over h/w samplers.

    I\'ve been having exactly the same problem as you, cuz I have exactly the same gear.
    I have an old Montego I in another computer that I might use for Giga, cuz the MontegoII that I have in my music PC, doesn\'t like Gigasampler, and the Montego I supposedly works with Giga.


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    Re: Delta 66 Yiiiiiiiiiiiiikes!!!!!!!!

    Hi Kid Alex, I have exactly the same problem with you but with my Delta 44, which I thought as a multi client card. Two days now I am trying to find a solution surfing the net, but the conclusion is \"wait until the new drivers from Midiman will be released\". I really don\'t know if and when this will happen, so I\'m thinking very seriously to buy a second sound card(RME 96/8), and have the Delta 44 dedicated to Giga and the second card to Cubase.

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    Re: Delta 66 Yiiiiiiiiiiiiikes!!!!!!!!

    You know, buying a second computer doesn\'t have to cost a fortune. I\'m using a PIII 500 right now and getting full polyphony, although there are some problems when I go over 130 for one of my instruments. And I haven\'t even bothered to set up my HDD\'s in the ideal fashion.
    I am currently ordering the parts for a third computer (total = $500). This is of course not using a pro audio card, but so far I have had great success with Direct Sound drivers. I\'ll be happy to post my polyphony for this computer once I\'ve built it. Since it\'s a Thunderbird Athlon 700MHz system (266MHz FSB), there is potential for better performance from it than with my PIII 500 (100MHz FSB).
    If you think about it though, buying two computers for a total of around $1000 isn\'t a terrible deal. Amazingly enough, $1300 total would turn them both into 1.2GHz Athlons.

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    Re: Delta 66 Yiiiiiiiiiiiiikes!!!!!!!!

    Gigastudio + Cubase does not work with Delta 66. There will be a software driver update probably in February which will correct this problem.
    I read this info in another thread.

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