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Topic: General MIDI Questions

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    General MIDI Questions

    Perhaps it's too early to start asking questions, but here goes:
    Will there be an expanded instrument set (similar to Roland's GM2)?
    Will there be an expanded percussion set?
    Will the orchestral sounds be precisely the same as GPO samples or will they be different enough to used at the same time?
    If this is a hit (and I'm certainly eager to buy), is a 'supersized' GM set in the cards somewhere down the road...or even a thought?

    Personally, I think this is a great idea. Good luck!

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    Re: General MIDI Questions

    No, it is just the 128 basic sounds. Search for General MIDI on Google.
    No, it will be the basic percussion set you would find on a general MIDI keyboard.
    No, GPO sounds will most likely not be used in this. They are for orchestrations mainly and Gary would probably want to make them a little more of a generic sound so they will work better with other instruments.
    It will most likely be a hit. Yet noone knows of Gary's plans for the future...

    Also, can a moderator please add this topic onto the General MIDI topic?
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    Re: General MIDI Questions

    Thanks for the reply...

    And as long as I'm askin'...any ideas on the time frame for its release, Mr. G?


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