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Topic: Official Giga Survey-- submit now, resistance is futile!

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    Official Giga Survey-- submit now, resistance is futile!

    Ok, maybe not quite official. Two other members of this bbs and I constructed this thing, on another thread. It would be of the utmost service to all your fellow Gigapersons (and most of all, me) to cut out this survey, paste it in a reply post and fill it in. It should take you maybe a few minutes, and you absolutely will be rewarded in the afterlife-- that\'s a guarantee!

    And here it is:
    -processor (ie PII, PIII, Athalon, etc.)
    -chipset (ie BX, Via kt-133 )
    -motherboard (ie:Asus)
    -hard drive(s) (use SCSI?)
    -sound card(s)
    -standalone use?
    -video processor/card/settings
    -BIOS settings (i.e. - turning off USB, memory latency, etc.)
    -Midi Input Card
    -other processors
    -recording system - hardware/software
    -sequencing system - hardware/software
    -polyphony (# voices achieved in Giga)
    -click/pops in Giga? sometimes?
    -sound quality (1-10)
    -midi performance (built in/stand alone/win 2k ect.)
    -other problems

    See-- That wasn\'t so hard

    Thanks, and Bless you All, Every one of you!


    PS: if something doesn\'t make sense to you, or you forgot the spec or don\'t feel like digging it out, just leave it out!

    To see how this awesome survey was carefully developed, from inception to final product, refer to the outstanding thread:

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    Re: Official Giga Survey-- submit now, resistance is futile!

    -processor ... PIII 800e
    -chipset ... BX
    -motherboard ... ASUS CUBX something
    -ram ... 256
    -hard drive(s) ... 4 on ATA 66 controllers
    Progs = IBM deskstar 15gb
    Sound = IBM deskstar 30gb
    2 identical backups
    -sound card(s) ... Pulsar 2
    -standalone ... No - Logic (midi) also
    -video proc ... Matrox dual head (Acceleration turned down)
    -BIOS ... no USB
    -Midi Input ... Unitor 2
    -other proc ... Pulsar 2 has DSP for its stuff
    -recording sys ... Otari Radar (wish I could use Logic as well)
    -sequencing ... Logic (LAP) - wish I could use audio part
    -polyphony ... 50-120 before latency sets in, or the whole PC thing locks up.
    -click/pops ... never
    -sound quality ... 9/10 for Giga - good level and very quiet. Panning is wierd sometimes
    Pulsar has some phase issues.
    -midi perf ... Usually very good.Sustain pedal can cripple it though
    -other probs ... Quicksound won\'t update my drive.It errors right at the end of the job.
    I need more money for library but spent it all on the PC
    -comments ... I\'d like to see Nemesys put a benchmark system description together which specifies parts and GUARANTEES the performance which they advertise (and which some people obviously achieve!). Maybe several different combos should be specified so that all the card manufacturers are kept happy. It wouldn\'t have to be on the mobo, OS or CPU which is at the bleading edge. Whatever allows you to run 160 poly, midi sequencing on lots of tracks, a good number of audio tracks and some plugins
    Keep Kevin, Dave and anyone from Nemesys who posts here on staff forever, at increased salaries

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    Re: Official Giga Survey-- submit now, resistance is futile!

    -processor … Celeron Coppermine 633 @ 700
    -chipset … VIA Apollo Pro 133
    -motherboard … Winsonic $60.00
    –ram … 256MB
    -hard drive(s) … Maxtor udma 66, 8.5ms , & Ethernet 100
    -sound card(s) … Sonorus StudI/O
    -standalone use? … YES
    -video processor/card/settings … G400 DH, accel. Full.
    -BIOS settings …. USB off, CAS=2,
    -Midi Input Card … Roland SMPU2
    -other processors …. no
    -recording system -
    -sequencing system -
    -polyphony … max. 70 before crackling
    -click/pops in Giga? … no
    -sound quality (1-10) … 9
    -midi performance …
    -other problems …
    -comments/suggestions …http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/No...ML/000300.html

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    Re: Official Giga Survey-- submit now, resistance is futile!

    -processor ... AMD Thunderbird 900Mhz
    -chipset ... Via KT7
    -motherboard ... Asus K7V
    -ram ... 384M PC-100
    -hard drive(s) ... Seagate IDE 20gig 7200RPM 2M system, Maxtor IDE 40gig 7200RPM 2M Giga (both Ultra-ATA66)
    -sound card(s) ... Soundblaster Live platinum
    -standalone use? ... Yes
    -video processor/card/settings ... ATI Xpert 98, 1280x1024 16bit @ 75Mhz, full accel
    -BIOS settings ... Everything on.
    -Midi Input Card ... Yamaha serial port driver, connected to Cubase dedicated computer
    -other processors
    -recording system ... Athlon 900/Cubase VST/32
    -sequencing system ... Athlon 900/Cubase VST/32
    -polyphony ... 120 max
    -click/pops ... No
    -sound quality (1-10) ... 10 - I only use SPDIF out from sblive to feed MOTU 2408. With dithering option turned off, there is no noise. When dithering is on, you can hear the noise easily, even when not playing notes!!
    -midi performance (built in/stand alone/win 2k ect.)
    -other problems
    -comments/suggestions ... NEVER USE the Promise ultra-100 controller on this motherboard for giga disk - you will get pops - the problem is high latency interrupt.

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    Re: Official Giga Survey-- submit now, resistance is futile!

    -processor: K6-II 500 mhz
    -chipset: dunno
    -motherboard: Epox MVP3G5
    -ram: 384
    -hard drive(s): WD 20 g for programs, Maxtor 30g DiamondMax for gigs
    -sound card(s): SBLive!
    -standalone use?: Yes
    -video processor/card/settings: Matrox Millenium
    -BIOS settings (i.e. - turning off USB, memory latency, etc.): Turned off SMART drive; got rid of lots of pops
    -Midi Input Card: SBLive!
    -other processors
    -recording system - Just CoolEdit Pro
    -sequencing system - Cakewalk PA8
    -polyphony (# voices achieved in Giga) - ok up to 80-100, depending on the gig files; sometimes (rarely) as high as 130
    -click/pops in Giga? - None
    -sound quality (1-10) Compared to what?
    -midi performance (built in/stand alone/win 2k ect.)
    -other problems: Crashes whenever I start GSt first, then Cakewalk. It used to be the other way around, and I haven\'t changed anything!
    -comments/suggestions: How \'bout a little __try{} and __finally{} in MSG32 and WSTREAM, and/or _set_se_translator() to bridge the C/C++ gap if necessary?? Couldn\'t hurt performance *that* much, could it? I just can\'t believe that the performance requirements mean that you have to let the crashes bring down the OS.

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    Re: Official Giga Survey-- submit now, resistance is futile!

    And here it is:
    -processor: PIII 800EB
    -chipset: Intel 815e
    -motherboard: Asus CUSL2
    -ram: 256 MB
    -hard drive(s) 2 x ATA66 7,200rpm(Barracuda II)
    -sound card(s) : Wamirack24
    -standalone use?: Duh????? With Cubase VST24?
    -video processor/card/settings: Matrox G400TV
    -BIOS settings (i.e. - turning off USB, memory latency, etc.) No special settings
    -Midi Input Card: Wamirack24
    -other processors: Duh????? No?
    -recording system: software(Cubase VST24)
    -sequencing system: software (VST24)
    -polyphony (# voices achieved in Giga) Less than normal, maybe around 20?
    -click/pops in Giga? sometimes? Lots o\' \'em
    -sound quality (1-10): 5
    -midi performance (built in/stand alone/win 2k ect.): Duh???
    -other problems

    It is a great idea to put out this survey so that we all can troubleshoot better based on similar systems. Good work!

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    Re: Official Giga Survey-- submit now, resistance is futile!

    -processor: PII 350
    -chipset: BX,
    -motherboard: Fic
    -ram: 196
    -hard drive(s): 6GB WDC for programs, 20GB IBM for sounds
    -sound card: WaMi 24
    -standalone use? No
    -video processor/card/settings: ATI 8MB
    -BIOS settings: nothing special
    -Midi Input Card: WaMi 24
    -other processors: none
    -recording system - hardware/software: Cubase
    -sequencing system - hardware/software: Cubase
    -polyphony: 80 at best
    -click/pops in Giga? No
    -sound quality (1-10): 9
    -midi performance: very good
    -other problems

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    Re: Official Giga Survey-- submit now, resistance is futile!

    -processor: P3 500e@700e
    -chipset: Via Apollo Pro
    -motherboard: Abit VA6
    -ram: 640MB PC133 running at 140mhz CAS2
    -hard drive(s): Maxtor DiamondMax 40+ 40GB 7200 rpm IDE, IBM 75GXP 45GB 7200 rpm, 10GB IBM for system files and programs, 9GB IBM SCSI for mixing.
    -sound card: Echoaudio Gina
    -standalone use: Yep.
    -video processor/card/settings: Nothing special.
    -BIOS settings: USB on - dunno what more to say.
    -Midi Input Card: Midiman 2x2 ISA card + Opcode Translator for parallel port.
    -recording system: I use CoolEdit to record back from my Gina through my mixer and outboard equipment.
    -sequencing system: Cubase on an AMD Thunderbird 1ghz system.
    -polyphony: Differs. Around 100 without any problems, above that I get delays, clicks, pops etc. Can reach the magic 160 but it\'s not without its problems.
    -click/pops in Giga: From time to time, even when polyphony is not high at all.
    -sound quality (1-10): 8. I want a Wami Rack 24 or Yamaha DS2416!

    my 2 cents

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    Re: Official Giga Survey-- submit now, resistance is futile!

    -processor: Athlon 1000
    -chipset: VIA KT 133
    -motherboard: MSI K7 Pro
    -ram: 512MB
    -hard drive: IBM DTLA 20 GB
    -sound card: Terratec EWX24/96,SBLive,Audiomedia 3, Delta 66
    -standalone use?: yes
    -video processor/card/settings: Matrox G400 DH
    -BIOS settings : Default
    -Midi Input Card: SBlive
    -other processors: no
    -recording system - hardware/software: div. Soundcards with Cubase
    -sequencing system - hardware/software:Cubase
    -polyphony (# voices achieved in Giga):100 with SBLive
    -click/pops in Giga? sometimes?: with EWX24/96 a lot of clicks, no clicks and pops with Delta 66.
    -sound quality: 9 with the Delta, 3 with EWX24/96, 5 with Audiomedia 3
    -midi performance: O.K
    -other problems: the Terratec doesn\'t support the VIA KT133 !!
    -comments/suggestions: **** Terratec!

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    Re: Official Giga Survey-- submit now, resistance is futile!

    -processor PIII 800MHz, no overclocking
    -chipset VIA Apollo Pro133A
    -motherboard ASUS P3V4X
    –ram 512Mb, PC-100
    -hard drive(s) (1) Maxtor 6.4Gb; (2) Western Digital 18Gb, 7200, ATA/66
    -sound card(s) Echo GINA 20 bit
    -standalone use? YES
    -video processor/card/settings Jaton 107AGP (2x, 8Mb)
    -BIOS settings USB switched off, latency std., accel. Full, set for server operation, Windows handling virtual mem., DMA turned on, had to update BIOS for VIA chip set
    -Midi Input Card WINMAN 2X2 (it is an ISA card)
    -other processors None
    -recording system – (1) SONY DAT; (2) PIII 800 w/ GINA20, Sound Forge 4.5 (this is the same computer I use for the Gigastudio. Note that it is virtually impossible to record while playing the Gigastudio unless only a few instruments are loaded.)
    -sequencing system – MAC (Power Computing 100) running Performer 5.5, MOTU MIDI Express
    -polyphony 160
    -click/pops in Giga? sometimes? YES, when enough instruments are loaded (>40% mem usage). Otherwise there are no extraneous sounds.
    -sound quality 10, except for pops
    -midi performance great, no problems from Gigastudio computer but the MAC, which is my sequencing computer, can be overloaded with too many after touch, pitch bend, and other MIDI signals.
    -other problems Gigastudio computer will often boot up with a msgsrv32, msg32 or other low-level error so that several reboots are necessary. It will get page faults often when running Gigastudo (often related to wstream) and will also require rebooting.
    -comments/suggestions Serious stand-alone diagnostic program needs to be written (see forum location http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum5/HTML/000132.html)

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