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Topic: akai to gig conversion problems

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    akai to gig conversion problems

    when I convert an Akai CD to Gig format some of the sounds are a tone lower ,what am I doing wrong?Also how much ram do I need to run Steinway B piano.thankyou PC

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    Re: akai to gig conversion problems

    You\'re not doing anything wrong - I think this is a bug within S-Converter. I could be wrong, but from my experiance it seems to mess up certain samples. Which libraries were you trying to convert?

    Steinway B - you\'ll probablybe safe with 64 meg, but it never hurts to have 128. Ram prices seem to be dropping slightly again, which is good!


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    Re: akai to gig conversion problems

    hi e4,thankyou for the info.the program i am using is Hans Zimmer Guitars 1(the sampling qualilties arent that great)it only happens on a few of the samples.also ,with steinway B,& bob clearmountain(big mixing kit)the message I get is:error code 1004 there is not enough memory in your system....etc.My computer is a pentium II 266 with 64mb.this is probably not the ideal setup,but I am working on upgrading when prices drop.I hope this gives you a clearer picture on my problem ,any ideas would be much appreciated

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    Re: akai to gig conversion problems

    Odd..hmm. Your PC should be fine - it\'s not like the samples are absolutely huge that you are trying to load. One thing that might be a factor is your hard disk with your swap file on it. How big is your hard drive? Some windows programs can report an error \"out of memory\" problem if there is not enough space on the disk that holds the .swp file. Also, S-Converter MIGHT be using your C drive as a temporary \'work space\' when it is converting samples...check to see you have enough space (probably more than 100 megs should do). Let me know if it works out...I\'ll try and think of something else if that doesn\'t help.


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    Re: akai to gig conversion problems

    hi e4,well no joy, i,m not to worried about the akai to gig conversion,its more so the running of steinway b & big mixing kit which are my main concern. steinway is about 1gig & big mixing kit is about 240mb.are you sure that 64mb ram is enough? ii have 2gigs of hard drive space left(out of a total of 6.4gig)i am running cubase 3.6 with gigasampler as my sequencer(with cubase on or off makes no difference)i have performed all the nescessary settings adviced by the cubase cwu help line .any more help will be much appreiciated thanks....pc

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