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Topic: Hoontech DSP 24ve+GS+LAP

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    Hoontech DSP 24ve+GS+LAP


    I´m trying to run GigaSampler and Logic Audio Platinum on my DSP 24 value-card. It should work according too Hoontech and everybody else, but I get a huge latency. What can I do to fix this? Anyone who knows?

    Dellow Yellow

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    Re: Hoontech DSP 24ve+GS+LAP

    If you get it working, let me know too please.

    Nobody I know has Gigastudio and LAP (or Cubase audio for that matter) running with much success.

    Some people report being able to run Giga with Cakewalk as their midi/audio sequencer.

    Also Nenad Siskov has developed GSFIX.exe which is purported to enable you to get audio and Giga running simultaneously with low latency. I\'ve just been too chicken to install it in case I have to rebuild things in the middle of a job.

    Do a search in these forums for GSFIX and you\'ll find his URL

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    Re: Hoontech DSP 24ve+GS+LAP

    I\'ve had the same problem too with the MK 1 version of the DSP24 card. I\'ve found that if you update it to the latest version, it should get rid of the problem. This is with the recent multiclient drivers for the DSP24. Try that out and see what happens.

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