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Topic: Multiclient Cards ?

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    Multiclient Cards ?

    Hi folks! Does anybody have experience with multiclient cards. I want to monitor the Gigasampler audiostream and record it and simultnanously record audio over one device.
    I know on Nemesys-page they say there are a bunch of multiclient cards, BUT... for exp. the terratec EWX24/96 which is supposed to be, IS NOT multiclient. There are also problems with Echo\'s Gina24. EgoSys supports the WaMi Rack with new betadrivers whitch allows you to record Gigasampler sound directly as an audiofile ( in Cubase!!).
    So what\'s going on. Please post a massage!

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    Re: Multiclient Cards ?

    I can only recommend the Mixtreme by Soundscape. It has the best support I ever experienced anywhere, it has great drivers which are truly multiclient, meaning you can really mix Asio, GSIF, MME and WDM streams between different applications, it offers virtual busses between apps, latency is very low and it has a great mixer application that can replace your outboard mixer. It may not be the cheapest card around but I wouldn´t want any other card.

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    Re: Multiclient Cards ?


    I suggest you check out the thread in this forum labeled:

    Cubase5+delta1010 with Hubi\'s Loopback

    I think my experience with my Gina 20 bit card, and my friend\'s experience with the M-Audio Delta 1010 would be useful to you.


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    Re: Multiclient Cards ?

    I´m very pleased with my WaMi 24. Sounds terrific, includes 4 midi in/out, digitals in/out, 4 analog in, 8 analog out, and not that expensive!! Have no complaints about the support either. And with the new drivers, who can compete??

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    Re: Multiclient Cards ?

    Hi Gunnar, some people say there are problems with EgoSys WaMi Rack and Via KT133 chipset. My experience was: it simply doesn\'t work with a MSI K7Pro with a KT133 chipset !!!

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    Re: Multiclient Cards ?

    The support at Ego Sys recommends Intel chipsets. They say that some VIA chipsets can have some incompatability problems. I use an old Intel 440BX myself, and it works just fine. I know other people having problems with the MSI K7 Pro with Yamaha DSP and Turtle Beach Montego. I don´t know if it´s because of the chipset or if it´s because of the mobo construction. Could be interesting to know if somebody is using an Asus mobo with the same chipset, and if it works alright.

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