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Topic: please help me, anybody...

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    please help me, anybody...


    I, and two other members of this bbs just put together a survey of hardware for Giga Users.
    It would be greatly appreaciated if you cut this list(survey) out of this message, post a reply, paste in this list and then note your items on each line.

    This should take all of maybe three minutes to do, and I guarantee that many people would love you eternally for it (well, alright, maybe just like you eternally)-- especially me, but I am sure many others on this bbs as well.

    God bless you. God save the Queen (& Giga).

    and the survey is:
    -processor (ie PII, PIII, Athalon, etc.)
    -chipset (ie BX, Via kt-133 )
    -hard drive(s) (use SCSI?)
    -sound card(s)
    -standalone use?
    -video processor/card/settings
    -BIOS settings (i.e. - turning off USB, memory latency, etc.)
    -Midi Input Card
    -other processors
    -recording system - hardware/software
    -sequencing system - hardware/software
    -polyphony (# voices achieved in Giga)
    -click/pops in Giga? sometimes?
    -sound quality (1-10)
    -midi performance (built in/stand alone/win 2k ect.)
    -other problems

    PPS: if something doesn\'t make sense to you or you\'re not sure of the answer, or you just don\'t feel like digging out that
    information from your box, just leave it out!

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    Re: please help me, anybody...

    Good idea, Jerry.

    -processor: PII 500
    -chipset: How do you find out?
    -motherboard How do you find out?
    -ram: 128 mg
    -hard drives: for Gig files: Western Digital Caviar 205AA 5400 RPM, 5.5 ms average latency; for system & programs: WDC AC313000R
    -sound cards: gina 20 bit (for Giga); SB32
    -standalone use? Yes
    -video processor/card/settings: NVidia Riva TNT 1280 X 1024 high color
    -BIOS settings: desabling USB & SB32 has no effect on Giga
    -Midi Input Card: Midiman 1X1
    -other processors
    -recording system - hardware/software: external (Mac)
    -sequencing system - hardware/software: external (Mac)
    -polyphony: max 64 exactly (always) (on a Gigastudio 96)
    -click/pops in Giga? sometimes? (see below)
    -sound quality (1-10) 10 except at noted below.
    -midi performance (built in/stand alone/win 2k ect.)- don\'t understand
    -other problems
    - If I keep my Gigapiano\'s mix at max and play very load with lots notes, I get the crackling I associate with digital clipping. I have verified that this happens at the source and not later in the audio chain. To eliminate this on very load passages, I must turn Gigapiano\'s mixer down fairly low. At this level I have a problem with noise from the Gigastudio.

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    Re: please help me, anybody...

    Typo: my Processor is PIII 500

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    Re: please help me, anybody...

    Oh, brother. More typos: mix=mixer, load=loud

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    Re: please help me, anybody...

    -processor--PII 350
    -motherboard-Intel I believe, .. forget 440
    -ram- 384
    -hard drive: 40 Gig 5400 main and apps, 12 gig 7200 audio, 30 gig Quantum Fireball (7200) for gigs on its own IDE controller
    -sound card: on Board Yammy DX wave, and WamiRack 24
    -standalone use: no
    -video processor/card/settings: Creative Graphics Blaster (Riva TNT). Harware Acceleration set to full.
    -BIOS settings: haven\'t checked lately what I foolied with, but I did screw around a little, it made little or no difference
    -Midi Input Card: WamiRack 24
    -other processors
    -recording system: Sometimes same system through Wami, and occaisionally to VS1680 HD recorder
    -sequencing system: Cubase
    -polyphony: 70 is the average best
    -click/pops in Giga?: Ocaisionally ,..but rare, with my settings in Giga (poly/voice remove)
    -sound quality: 10 thorugh 1680 and using the VS verbs...hate NFX
    -midi performance: Fairly good. Win 98,...is ok, but some issues pop up here and there on Big sections
    -other problems: Not many

    I must have lucked out. With this setup somehow. I\'m building an athlon 1 gig right now, have everything but the case, will repost when I get that thing running (may do it tonight with this computer\'s case jsut to test it out)

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: please help me, anybody...

    Thanks Paul/King! I will be re-posting this message on other threads under different names to lure, er.. *encourage* other unsuspecting, er.. *interested* users.

    thx \'gin
    -- jk

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