I\'m selling my Wami Rack 24 audio card if anyone here is interested before I put it up on ebay. This is one of the best interfaces for GigaStudio as it has 4 Midi I/O (64 channels of midi) spdif I/O Adat Lightpipe, 4 Analog Ins, 8 Analog Outs, 24bit/96K support. Etc. I\'ve been using this interface with GigaStudio successfully since I bought it 6 months ago. I can assure complete compatibility with Giga. I get between 130-150 voices on a P3 600Mhz using this interface and the midi response is absolutely flawless.

I paid $650 and would like to get $500 for it, but I will entertain lower offers. I will also gladly trade for a MOTU 2408 (MKI or II, with or without the PCI card) or a USB MTPAV.
Thanks for your time,
Jamey (jscott@presto.com)

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