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Topic: Need Professional Help!

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    Need Professional Help!

    I just purchased Gigastudio 160 in hopes of getting one of, if not the best piano sound available. I really like the samples and would like to know what other people are using for studio monitors?

    The sound I\'m getting in the mid range of the piano is very \"tinny\" and hollow sounding. What are you using to beef up the sound? Do you have to run the gigapiano sound through a lot of EQ and stuff to get it to sound full? Right now I\'m using a SB live card and EVENT 20 20 speakers. I Brought home a set of high priced JBL\'s with very similar results. I\'m starting to get a bit desparate and would appreciate any feedback I can get. I would love to realize the full potential of Giga studio and the Gigapaino Samples.


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    Re: Need Professional Help!

    I\'m not doing any EQ to it currently (though I plan to). I DO run it through a reverb module, which I think greatly improves the sound. I haven\'t played with GigaPiano much, but it sounded great when I did.

    I use NXT SuperOne speakers. Great speaker for not much money (around $400 for the set).

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    Re: Need Professional Help!

    Gigga -

    Go have a listen to the mp3s at Purgatory creek - it may give you a better idea of whether your problem is a monitoring one or inherent in the actual Gigapiano.

    Personally, I really liked the Steinway B samples. There have been many posts to this forum about \'tweaking\' the filters on the Gigapiano samples to get a better response.

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    Re: Need Professional Help!

    I have a similar situation. I use an Alesis amp and Monitor One speakers. The pianos sound fine though headphones, but thin and brittle through the monitor speakers. I have no clue as to why this is.

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