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Topic: Do I need two stereo outputs

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    Do I need two stereo outputs

    I have one sound card installed in my computer a Creative SB128PCI. I run Gigasampler 1.6 and Cakewalk PRO Audio 9.

    The problem is, I would like to insert wavs into Cakewalk and play Gigasampler sounds at the same time, But when I select Gigasampler and SB128PCI as my outputs in Cakewalk I only get Gigasamplers output.

    I have a spare AWE32 sound card, Could Install that as a second sound card just for the wav files triggered in Cakewalk.

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    Re: Do I need two stereo outputs

    Yes, Cakewalk and GS cannot use the same stereo card at the same time. You would either have to install the second card or get a muliticlient card.

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    Re: Do I need two stereo outputs

    Cool I installed a second sound card (AWE32,
    And it all works fine, I just had to adjust
    the volumes as Gigasamplers output seems 10%
    quieter then the wav files.

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