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Topic: New Driver for Terratec EWS88MT

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    New Driver for Terratec EWS88MT

    Hi to all!
    There are new drivers for the EWS88MT (Version 4.02.24 Build 106) which allows the use of a DirectSound Output instead of GSIF. Now it is possible to use Cubase VST with ASIO drivers and GigaStudio at the time. But:
    After installing the new drivers GigaStudio doesnt receive MIDI-Data anymore. The two green MIDI symbols in GigaStudio are greyed out. Has anyone an idea or same experiences?

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    Re: New Driver for Terratec EWS88MT

    Hi Habakuk and thanks for let us know that new drivers were posted for the EWS88MT.
    I\'m testing these new ones and I will let You know how they works. In the meanwhile, I can tell that my system seems to appreciate the drivers and I can output all the voices from my gigasampler without glitches.

    Stay tuned.

    from Italy

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    Re: New Driver for Terratec EWS88MT

    this driver do not work for ews24/96 terratec sound card cubase+giga.
    perhaps the next version driver.

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