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Topic: Headphone Monitoring: Sound Card

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    Headphone Monitoring: Sound Card

    I\'m trying to make up my mind on which audio card to get, working with $500 or so. I\'ll have to use headphones for monitoring, so I\'ve been looking at the Echo Gina24 because of it\'s headphone out jack. If I were to go with another card, something like the Audiophile 24/96, could I just plug the headphones into one of the outputs? Would I need a headphone amp? I\'m also assuming that I would need some type of mixer if I were to use more than one output in Gigastudio. Is it worth the price to get the more expensive Gina24 with headphone out, are there any other cards with heaphone out (I haven\'t seen any yet), or can I get one of the less expensive cards to work for me with heaphones without going over budget?

    I appreciate your help!

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    Re: Headphone Monitoring: Sound Card

    Check out the Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96. I think the website is Aardvark-pro.com.

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