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Topic: WindowsME and SBL Value

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    WindowsME and SBL Value

    Just purchased a new Dell P4 w/256 RDRAM and it came with a Soundblaster Live Value card. The driver has a .WDM extension and I\'m seeking one with a .VXD to run GigaStudio 160. I\'ve spoke w/Creative and Dell with no satisfaction. Can anyone help?

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    Re: WindowsME and SBL Value


    I\'m using a Compaq Presario PIII/800 with 128MB of RAM and a 30GB EIDE 7200RPM drive and Windows ME. It also came with the SBLive! Value card. I\'m using GS160 version 2.01.26 and the latest drivers from www.soundblaster.com. They have two downloadable packages; 1 for the drivers only, and 1 for the complete software and drivers. I downloaded the drivers only package to keep my system clean.

    Anyway, I don\'t have any trouble (yet). I\'ve been able to get over 100 voices without any clicks or pops. I\'ve even recorded audio from GS and used the WAV files in Vegas Video 2.0 without any problems.

    I\'m not sure what the VXD or WDM is supposed to be or where to look on my system to see if it\'s installed. When I look at the properties of My Computer, I show \'Creative SB Live! Value\' as my sound card.


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    Re: WindowsME and SBL Value

    That\'s the ticket! Thanks Ron! I have not been able to run GS on my Dell PIII 866 w/the SB Live! Value Digital and Windows ME. I uninstalled all the Creative stuff, downloaded the \"drivers only\" package from the soundblaster site and installed that. It now works! Strangely enough, though the driver is said to be for ME, as I tried to install it, setup warned me that the driver was not ME tested and asked if I wanted to still install it anyway. Either bravely, stupidly, or out of desparation I said yes but, so far so good.

    Thanks again,


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