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Topic: 50% Sound Output Level

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    50% Sound Output Level

    I have a Creative SB PCI128 built onto my GA-7ZX VIA KT133 motherboard, The CPU is a AMD Duron 700mhz, I also have 128mb of ram.

    I am using 1.60 Gigasampler. The problem is the out put seems 40% 50% lower then other applications on the computer.

    I also set up a simple arrangment to test the system, Chan 1 drums - Chan 2 Long String
    sound about 15 seconds in lenght but it keeps on being cut short by the drums.

    Could it be my sound card?.

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    Re: 50% Sound Output Level

    Hey Jazz-man,

    This may not be a big help, but I\'ve read that Nemesys keep the initial output of the program low so that when you build up 160 voices of polyphony the output doesn\'t distort.

    Apparently other samplers use some kind of compression on the output stage so that there\'s not much difference in the output levels of different numbers of voices.

    For what it\'s worth, we\'ve found the Gigastudio through the Pulsar card to be one of the quietest (least noise) devices in the studio, so you can afford to turn it up a fair bit if you need to.

    Can\'t help with the drums stealing the string voices - I\'ve read about something similar before. It\'s definitely worth an email to Nemesys.

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