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Topic: Vsti: Multi outputs possible?

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    Vsti: Multi outputs possible?

    I already posted this on the kontakt part of this forum.

    Is there a way to enable vst instruments such as Kontakt2 to use all of their midi outputs, so that they arent limited to 16 channels?
    In Kontakt2 for example, there are four ports (A-D) but only A works.

    If someone can find a way to do this, I will reward you greatly............
    ........With absolutely NOTHING. But it's surely the thought that counts!

    Is there anyway to do this? I'm having trouble using Kontakt with Cubase in stand alone mode, plus I can't load four instances of Kontakt as a vsti (It crashes my computer)

    If anyone knows anything, please let me know!


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    Re: Vsti: Multi outputs possible?

    Do you have more than one midi port on your midi interface or sound card?

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    Re: Vsti: Multi outputs possible?

    On my soundcard I only have one midi in, and one midi out. But I connect my keyboard via usb, rather than midi.

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    Re: Vsti: Multi outputs possible?

    Alex wrote:
    On my soundcard I only have one midi in, and one midi out.

    I think that's your problem. It has been my experience that you are limited by the number of physical ports on your card/interface, and by the number of virtual ports (if you have them).
    My midi interfaces have 8 ports each and I just installed MidiOverLan, which provides 64 virtual midi ports, but I am running multiple computers connected via Gigabit LAN cards.
    Years ago, I used a Soundblaster card that had one midi port, and that was all that was available to Sonar and any other program that used midi ports on my computer. The program can only use what is available on your machine or network; it doesn't create ports.
    My two cents worth: You should look into a multiport midi interface whether it be hardware or software-based. Best of luck with it.

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