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Topic: Gigawire - E-WDM

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    Gigawire - E-WDM

    Egosys is about to publish its E-WDM drivers and the Gigawire technology made possible by E-WDM driver.

    The E-WDM drivers will allow you to DIRECTLY record Gigasampler or Gigastudio output into your ASIO sequencer such as Cubase.

    So no more external wiring from Gigastudio output to Sequencer input. Simply press record button in your sequencer.

    This will obviously enhance the flexibility of using the multi-client and multi-stream features of the Wami Rack 24 and - last but not least - the co-existence of having both Gigastudio and your sequencer on the same

    PS: I am not connected to Egosys, just love their focus on Gigastudio.

    Happy new year

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    Re: Gigawire - E-WDM

    This sounds entriguing, but i went to their website and it\'s not too clear. I just don\'t see when they are planning on releasing it, and on what models it will be released. Perhaps you can enlighten me. Thanks.

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    Re: Gigawire - E-WDM

    The drivers will run on the WaMi Rack and the Waveterminal. Maybe more products.
    Email them yourself and ask before buying something.

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