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Topic: Cubase5+delta1010 with Hubi's Loopback

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    Cubase5+delta1010 with Hubi\'s Loopback

    I\'m runing Cubase5+delta1010.
    when I try to run both at the same time I get a error message. I look at the site of Maudio and they sugguest that I use the multiple midi soft Hubi\'s Loopback.
    I\'m runing it now but it doesn\'t work, I don\'t see the error message but I don\'t have sound on LB1(gigasampler)...

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    Re: Cubase5+delta1010 with Hubi\'s Loopback

    The Delta\'s don\'t have Multi-client drivers yet. Aparently, they will be ready in a few weeks. Keep an eye on the Midiman website. I\'m waiting too before I guy Gigasampler.

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    Re: Cubase5+delta1010 with Hubi\'s Loopback

    My college here has a delta 10/10. After talking with the Midiman/M-Audio people, he was able to set up his 10/10 for very nice multi-client operation. They told him how to set it up to mix down multiple software sources to a single output. Unfortunely, I can\'t tell exactly what settings he used on this card (and he will be out for couple of days.) You might want to try calling them yourself to get this set up.
    As a test, I had him play digital audio from Gigasampler, Cakewalk, and Sound Forge at the same time: the delta 10/10 mixed it down with its own built-in mixer and we could here all three programs playing from the same 10/10 output at the same time. I wish my old Gina card could do that! (At least the Gina started working in multi-client mode once I found what box to check in the device manager.)
    Good luck, guy!

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    Re: Cubase5+delta1010 with Hubi\'s Loopback

    Hmmm? My Delta 1010 is multiclient and has always been. I can run Giga tracks, Cakewalk audio tracks and even record vocals at the same time. As for sending everything to one output, the monitor mixer must be used to do this. I don\'t use it since the 1010 has so many outs, I just assign giga to 1&2, Cakewalk audio to 3&4, vocal outs to 5&6 etc. This card is very powerful and there are many ways to route your audio. There is an article on this card at prorec.com I believe. Check it out. Peace.

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    Re: Cubase5+delta1010 with Hubi\'s Loopback

    I\'m just relaying what Midiman told me a few days ago. If these cards are multi-client, how do you tell?

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    Re: Cubase5+delta1010 with Hubi\'s Loopback

    Well Dan I guess a definition of multiclient is needed here. I always considered multiclient to mean that a soundcard could play back audio from more than one client (source) such as Cakewalk and Gigasampler at the same time. Perhaps this definition is incorrect but if not than the Delta 1010 is easily multiclient. I don\'t have all the answers so if someone could enlighten me as to the true meaning of multiclient I would appreciate it. Peace.

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    Re: Cubase5+delta1010 with Hubi\'s Loopback

    Here is how multi-client worked for me on the Gina card: When I was not in multi-client mode, then whenever any software was using any input or output of the Gina no other software could access the Gina at all. Attempts to do so would bring up an error message. However, once I checked the \"multiclient\" checkbox in the Gina card\'s device manager, then I was able to have Gigasampler use outputs 1 and 2, Sound Forge use 3 and 4, and Cakewalk use 5 and 6, all at the same time. As I mentioned before, my Gina still can\'t do its own mixing of different software sources to a single (as the Delta 1010 can), but at least each software can use a different set of outputs at the same time.


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    Re: Cubase5+delta1010 with Hubi\'s Loopback

    Well, I definately have nothing to select in my Delta control panel. Maybe the 1010 is multi-client, but I\'m waiting until Midiman posts the drivers for the Delta66 before jumping into the water.

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    Re: Cubase5+delta1010 with Hubi\'s Loopback


    Here is a quote that I copied directly from an online version the Delta 1010 manual, as found on the m-audio website:

    The Digital Monitor Mixer

    The Delta 1010 Digital Recording System has a hardware digital audio mixer
    built into its PCI controller chip. It accepts digital audio streams from all
    hardware inputs and all outgoing software audio devices, mixes them with 36-bit
    internal precision and then provides the mixed output to one or more locations.
    For the purpose of monitoring, the output of the mixer may be routed to the first
    set of Delta 1010 analog outputs (OUT1/OUT2 as a stereo pair) and/or the
    S/PDIF digital output. At the same time the mixer may be used for stereo mix-down,
    with the mixer’s output recorded into the user’s application software. The
    digital audio mixer is configured and controlled by the included Delta Control
    Panel Software.

    The Patchbay / Router

    In addition to the built-in monitor mixer, the Delta 1010 Digital Recording
    System includes an output patchbay/router. The patchbay/router allows each
    output (analog or digital) to be connected to a variety of input sources. The
    1010’s outputs may accept audio from software sources (these output devices are
    visible in your audio software applications) or from hardware sources such as the
    analog and digital inputs or the monitor mixer. This capability makes the Delta
    1010 quite flexible for WAV output, monitoring, or directly connecting inputs to
    outputs for system test purposes

    Hardware Settings Page

    The Hardware Settings page of the Delta Control Panel gives you control over
    miscellaneous features of the Delta 1010. To display this page, click the
    \"Hardware Settings\" tab of the Delta Control Panel.

    [later in this section:]

    MULTITRACK DRIVER DEVICES: The Delta 1010 drivers intelligently
    synchronize the beginning of recording and playback across all audio devices on
    the board. When using application software that is capable of using multiple
    channels simultaneously, select \"Single and In-Sync\" to ensure that all audio
    channels will begin playback and/or recording at the same time. Otherwise
    select \"Independent\" to allow the audio channels to play independently – this
    setting may be desirable if more than one application needs to access the Delta
    1010 simultaneously.

    DanS, it looks to me like this tells you everything you need to know about using the 1010 in multiclient mode.


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    Re: Cubase5+delta1010 with Hubi\'s Loopback

    Paul, thanks for the extensive reply. I found this on the Midiman site:

    • Drivers include: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, ASIO, ASIO2, Direct Sound, EASI, Multi-card 95/98 & Multi-card NT (up to 3 in a system), Gigasampler, Mac Sound Manager and Mac ASIO.

    This is for the Delta66, which I have. Why would the tech from MAudio tell me the drivers would only be ready in a few weeks?

    Anyway, I guess I will look into it a little further.


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