Yes, I know... \"Nemesys does not recommend Laptops for use with GigaSampler\"... but that\'s what I\'ve got. And GS(1.60) recognizes the cheap built-in Yamaha OPL3, but not the $200 Emu 8710 (PCMCIA) that has digital outs. Actually, it has no problem with the midi ins/ outs on the Emu, but just won\'t recognize it for audio.
I really need to do something about this, because the low output volume of GS makes it virtually unuseable, by the time I\'ve run it through 2 so-so analogue preamps to get enough volume to record, I may as well be using a cheap cassette deck instead of my VS 880. What I\'m asking is: Is there some internal (windows or GS) setting that I\'m missing, or is there something about the EMU 8710 that GS doesn\'t (and will never) like?
Please don\'t tell me to just get a desktop, that\'s not an option right now. Any ideas?