I am running Cubase VST 32, Giga 160, Delta 10/10 with hubis and am wondering if there is any source of guidance for Hubi or if it\'s creator Hubert Winkler is the one I have found and keep E-mailing in Austria? I got it to work 2 days, made no changes and my system now does not function. In Cubase, I only get the Midi input light and no longer an output light, which I did for two days. When it did work, I could not mute Cubase tracks or hear all 4 layered midi instruments when simultaneously recording. Neither me nor my techs who just reconfigured everything can figure it out. On this forum, some say it was originally a nemesys software problem but I am told by Soundchaser & Midiman that it is a Delta driver problem with Giga and a fix is coming out in a month. Is midiyoke any better?
Can anyone help end this three weeks of madness?
Dana Harden