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Topic: My Great Soundcard.

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    My Great Soundcard.

    I see a lot of posts about cards and I needed to put in my 2 cents. I purchased the SoundScape Mixtreme a few months ago and haven\'t had any problems with it except stupidity on my part. It IS multiclient (now not in the future when someone gets around to it). It sounds excellent. It never crashes except thru user error. Of all the software/hardware on my PIII 750 256 ram it is the most reliable. The flexibility of the software mixer is extraordinary. It is expandable...and DSP effects.....it seems I\'m in constant contact with nemesys and cakewalk but have had 1 contact with Soundscape and they are constantly improving an upgrading the mixtreme...you all... especially newbies should consider it.

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    Re: My Great Soundcard.

    Nice to see another user singing the praises of Mixtreme. It amazes me why users look anywhere else for a low latency card for GS.

    I have yet to find a fault with the drivers, it has TDM quality plug-in effects (a little pricey, but worth it, especially the TC Reverb) and it has drivers for all versions of Windows including ME and Win2K.

    I use a Tascam console and one of the 8 channel Soundscape iBox converters.


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