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Topic: Yamaha DSP Factory - Cubase + SBLive! - GigaStudio

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    Yamaha DSP Factory - Cubase + SBLive! - GigaStudio

    I\'m going to buy Yamaha DSP Factory for my audio mixing needs (Cubase VST 5). I\'m going to use SoundBaster Live! I already have for GigaStudio (just for monitoring - recording via capture to disk).

    Does this setup seems right to you? Should I reconsider buyng another card instead of DSPF?

    Any advices?



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    Re: Yamaha DSP Factory - Cubase + SBLive! - GigaStudio

    I am using exactly the same setup as you describe and it works well. Note however, there is (was) a sync problem when capturing to disc using SBL Live!(longer captured files run out of sync). I haven\'t touched Gigasamler for about 5 months now (no time you know), so I don\'t know what is the situation now. The problem has been discussed earlier on the forum and there is a shareware solution available.

    Good luck

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