Few questions about DSP Factory:

1. Is MIDI Automation of DSP Factory possible in Cubase VST 5 or otherwise?

2. Signals are routed to the effects using Aux Send 5 (FX Unit 1) and Aux Send 6 (FX Unit 2). The effect inputs are in mono. What do I do with the stereo tracks? How do I apply reverb on them?

3. How are the FX, especially Reverb, compared to best DirectX plugins (Waves RVerb & TrueVerb, Timeworks Reverb, TC Native Reverb)?

4. Is DSP Factory is still the best bung for the buck or are there other alternatives?
I need a solution with a mic preamp and a good internal FX.

5. How\'s the setup should work with GigaStudio - I have a SBLive! for GS.

6. Where\'s the best internet store in the US to buy DSP Factory card + 1 AX44 card (in a bundle or separately)?