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Topic: Two Soundcards on one PC

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    Two Soundcards on one PC

    Has anyone tried letting GIGAStudio use one card and the Audio-sequencer use the other.
    I have Soundblaster Live Player and EWS88 MT.

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    Re: Two Soundcards on one PC

    Yes, I also have a Sound Blaster PCI128 in with my Terratec and I had to have Giga use the Sound Blaster and Cakewalk use the Terratec because they didn\'t seem to like sharing the same cards. Now I think I have gotten to the point that they can peacefully share the Terratec, which is really what I need them to do.

    If I knew what I did to make this possible I would tell you. I\'ve been just changing settings and drivers, etc. and it\'s slightly more operational than before but still not quite right.

    My roommate is leaving in two months and taking this booty terratec with him so I\'m gonna buy an Aardvark and do this thing right.

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    Re: Two Soundcards on one PC

    yes but have problems with gigasampler the sound card are maxi sound home studio pro 64 and terratec ews24/96 work well in cubase alone;but can not launch cubase and gigasampler at the same time
    i test the aplication gsfi.exe and do not work in my PC.
    need help too

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    Re: Two Soundcards on one PC

    in Terratec say that EWS24/96 need nw driver update in first half of January 2001 and giga+cubase can work

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