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Topic: Any good Sound Card for limited budget?

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    Any good Sound Card for limited budget?

    I need to upgrade my sound card.

    I am a classic piano enthusiast who purchased Gigasampler just for great piano sound for my MIDI works. My sound card (Turtle Beach Montego-A3D, 18bit,48KH,Direct Sound) is not exactly GS-compatible and my Gigapiano does not sound great. (no pops/noises but sounds dull)

    I\'m not a professional or advanced synth-musician and I don\'t need lots of tracks and functions. Only thing I need is truly pure piano sound for recording of my MIDI sequences (up to 4~5 tracks at a time)

    Will anybody recommend an inexpensive sound card that just fits my need?

    My system is Dell Dimension XPS R-400 (Pentium II, 400MHz, 512k cache, 384MB RAM, 16.8GB HD)

    Thank you, folks.

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    Re: Any good Sound Card for limited budget?

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