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Topic: Where to locate WamiRack 2.01.25/26 ?

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    Where to locate WamiRack 2.01.25/26 ?

    I\'ve looked everywhere on EgoSys\' website and can only find 1.9 as the latest driver update. A month ago KingIdiot in this forum said 2.01.25/26 fixes the very bugs I\'m also encountering. Can anyone help with this probably basic question.

    Thanks in advance,
    The Valley

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    Re: Where to locate WamiRack 2.01.25/26 ?

    I think the number you\'re referring (2.01.25 or 26) to is the version number for the latest Gigastudio patch - available at the versions page of the Nemesys site. It isn\'t a Wamirack driver update.

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