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Topic: CPU Compatability Issues

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    Red face CPU Compatability Issues

    Excuse my ignorance on this topic, but I'm about to spend a lot of money on a custom-built audio/recording PC, and I needed to know...

    Is there any good reason NOT to buy an AMD chipset, such as the Opteron Dual Core or the Athlon series? Are there any compatability issues with this equipment and various music software apps? My choice is of course between the AMD stuff and Intel, and my research leads me to believe that the AMD will probably outperform Intel.

    I don't, however, want to buy AMD if it's not going to work with what I need it to. I'm only concerned because on the "system requirements" section of various apps, it usually says something like "P4 2.6 GHz." Surely this doesn't mean ONLY Pentium 4s? I plan on running Sonar, Sibelius, GPO, JABB, Kontakt 2, possibly GigaStudio, and various other sample-based products.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: CPU Compatability Issues

    there are no compatibilty issues with AMD.
    only thing you have to watch out for is UAD cards.
    compatibility has to do with motherboard chipsets not the processor.


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    Arrow Re: CPU Compatability Issues

    Well you can't beleieve everything you hear. But when someone says that AMD is fine,that is too general of a statement to swallow. NF3 was a thoroughly tested chipset, that is why it works. NF4 was an early release product due to the competition to have a PCI-e solution out to market. NF4 is a bad choice, read about it at RME Audio website. I have no need 4 speed, but I do require stabilty, for I play live, and in the studio. Live you don't get a chance to reboot, so do your homework. Read about sucsess stories in IRC chat rooms for touring musicians and management people/producers. We're not talking about weddings here either. A rackmounted mobile touring solution. I personally use Intel only. Sure it's not the fastest, but my fingers are, and if my rig drops out it's my ~~~. Intel makes their own CPU/Chipset/Motherboard combos, and actually is testing stuff they will release next year as we speak. Other competitors don't have the market share or resources that Intel does, that's why they release products that are bug ridden. Your DAW builder won't tell you this, so research it yourself. If you plan to play at home in a little project studio, don't sweat it. But here on the big jobs we only use proven combinations, i.e., AMD/NF3 only. And all Intel solutions. Tip: The new Intel Conroe processor was made over 2 years ago, and will be available this fall in limited quantities. Read on Anandtech, and Xbitlabs for reviews on CPU/Chipsets, as Tom's hardware is more of a gamers forum.

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