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Topic: DSP Factory and gigasampler

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    DSP Factory and gigasampler

    Hello friends! My setup is DSP Factory, Cubase VST 5.0, SB live and Gigasampler. The machine is PII 400 Mhz, 256 Mb RAM, 9.1 Gb SCSI UW. I´m running giga with SB live and start off VST from the giga. I have connected SB live dig. out to DSP2416 dig. in, so I find my gigasampler on channels 19-20 on the DSP mixer. So far everything´s fine, but I´m not happy with the sound from gigasampler. It has a lot of cracks and pops very often. It´s very annoying when I record the miditracks to audio. Sometimes it´s a crackling pop in the end which ruins the track. My question is: What soundcard should I replace the SB live with, in order to get good results? Also, I sure would like to be able to use gigasampler at 44.1 khz. Now it´s impossible, only 48 khz is allowed with Sp/Dif. Sorry for the long post... -Basist

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    Re: DSP Factory and gigasampler

    Sounds to me like your problem is not the sound card, it\'s the hard drive or cpu not being beefy enough for all the poliphony and or effects that you are using. Mine crackles if I try to play too many notes at once, but then I\'m only using a 5400 rpm hard drive.

    What kind of hard drive do you have? IDE? SCSI? 7200 or 5400 rpm?

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    Re: DSP Factory and gigasampler

    Whoopsie! Maybe I should read the whole thing... SCSI drive...

    That looks like a pretty beefy computer... how much polipony are we talking about when it starts popping?

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