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Topic: Giga, Wavecenter and Digi001

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    Giga, Wavecenter and Digi001

    I record on a MacG4 with a Digi001 using ProToolsLE and LogicAudioPlatinum. I\'ve got a separate Pentium II 400 with GigasamplerLe (which I plan to upgrade immediately). Currently, the Pentium has a SoundBlaster Live with SPDIF, but I plan to upgrade that at the same time. I can record the Gigasampler through the coax spdif from the SBLive into the coax spdif of the Digi001, but there\'s cracks and pops. I\'d like to get an inexpensive card that supports GSIF and has a simple 1x1 or 2x2 midi interface integrated so I don\'t need to buy another Midi interface (already have a Unitor8). I would like to be able to record the Gigasampler from the 8 ADAT channels using the ADAT optical output of a WaveCenter or Dakota (or is there something else you all recommend?) into the ADAT optical of the Digi001. Assumedly, GSIF and a better soundcard along with the optical connection should take care of some of the clicks and pops, no?
    I want to know if what I describe above is feasable, or is there a better way? I\'m on a budget for the gigasampler machine, so I\'ve got to stick $600 or less for the gigasampler soundcard. Direct responses to my email are welcomed. jnitti@attglobal.net


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    Re: Giga, Wavecenter and Digi001

    My brother uses the Wave Center with Giga and it works and sounds fine.The problem your probably having with the SBLive is the spdif out will only pass 48hz so make sure Giga is set to the same and your Digi and Pro Tools as well.

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    Re: Giga, Wavecenter and Digi001

    Alan is right about that.

    I used my Aark20/20+ with a soundblaster connected by SPDIF. I got all kinds of pops and crackle.
    Then I saw that I could change the configuration on the Aark to sync to the soundblasters 48 Khz SPDIF output. CRACKLES AND POPS WENT AWAY.

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    Re: Giga, Wavecenter and Digi001

    I have a very similar setup. What I do is sequence on my mac and use the capture feature in GS to capture the audio. Works great. That way you don\'t have to worry with spdif connections.

    Donnie Christian
    DS Soundware

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    Re: Giga, Wavecenter and Digi001

    One other thing,although the Wave Center is just fine if stereo spdif and 8 lightpipe are enough,if not I would recomend the RME Hammerfall which is an excellent card and in addition to spdif it has 16 lightpipe i/o with an option of 32.

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